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We believe that every child has been blessed with special qualities that deserve affirmation and celebration. 

Our program provides opportunities for each child to develop a positive feeling about themselves as a capable and unique human being.


We believe that the motivation to learn is intrinsic in every child. 

We will provide a stimulating and challenging environment for each child, which fosters positive growth opportunities through our balanced curriculum.


We believe in promoting a spirit of cooperation, not competition, among children.  

We view all social interactions as opportunities for learning to care about one another and the world around us.


Every child in our program is provided with the highest quality care in a safe, happy and loving environment.  It is our goal to establish relationships with each family, walk alongside them, and support them in nurturing  and educating their children during these important preschool and elementary years.


At Little Footsteps Child Care Centre, daily opportunities are provided for children to learn and grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually in a theme-based and play-based fun & active environment. 


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